Starting Over

Because I didn’t backup my website properly, I lost the past 2 years of Reviews/Previews/Blogs.

From my Japan trip to EVO in Las Vegas.

From my video game reviews to my press conference previews.

From my analysis of the fighting game scene to my video game pet peeves.

I’m currently trying to recover what I can from the old posts via caches, but it’s not looking like I’ll get much.

In the mean time I’m going to try and revamp the layout of this site a little bit, make sure to backup my site correctly, and play some new games during this stacked October release schedule.

Even though I lost everything I’m deciding to continue this because I love video games. The ups and downs. The good and the bad. The innovation of entertainment.

I love to talk about what’s coming up next and give my thoughts on the latest video games and news coming from the industry.

I was going to use all my previous work as a portfolio to try and get a journalism job or anything that would get me closer to working in the field, so this is a pretty big hit.

Video games are my passion. It’s time to bounce back.