Most Anticipated Games 2018

After the amazing year for video games that 2017 was, we have a somewhat stacked first quarter of 2018 along with some bombshells later in the year.

Here are the games I’m most looking forward to, whether they’re good or bad, in 2018.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Release Date: January 16th
Platform(s): PC / PS4
Probably what the game should have originally been released as. New features include an actual arcade mode, extra battle mode where you can earn unique costumes and more fight money by completing challenges, frame data in practice mode, revamped UI, and a new set of v-triggers for the cast. Although after reading the patch notes, they seems to be going in the opposite direction from where I want it to go in (why are they nerfing Ibuki to the ground, make everyone else better instead).

I also find it a little ironic that they are calling this Arcade Edition, when there isn’t an actual arcade version of this game. Hmm…



Dragon Ball FighterZ
Release Date: January 26th
Platform(s): PC / PS4 / XBO
An actual Dragon Ball Z fighting game by the developers of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. Didn’t see that coming. Visually, it looks amazing as you would expect from ArcSys. The fighting looks like Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 with 3vs3, assists, air dashing, teleports, and tons of meter for supers. I suspect a lot of Dragon Ball fans will get this game and bounce off pretty quickly after realizing how tough it is to actually learn a fighting game as crazy as this one looks. Hopefully it has staying power and introduces more people to the fighting game community.



Monster Hunter World
Release Date: January 26th
Platform(s): PS4 / XBO / PC (Fall)
I never played a Monster Hunter game before, but after trying the open beta, this will definitely be the one I get in to. Only problem is I want it on PC and I’ll have to wait until the Fall. 🙁




Dynasty Warriors 9
Release Date: February 8th
Platform(s): PS4 / XBO / PC
I’m not really a big fan of Dynasty Warriors, and haven’t played one in years. However, I’m curious to see what they do differently with this one. The combat looks like the standard mop up 1000’s of enemies with a single button press, but apparently it’s an open world now? I wonder how that will change the overall gameplay.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Release Date: February 13th
Platform(s): PC
I like me some medieval times realistic combat simulators. This single-player first person story driven action game was Kickstarted a few years back and it’s finally time for them to deliver. The aesthetic looks really nice and true to the timeline, however I’m a little worried about the combat. It’s supposed to be a realistic style of medieval sword fighting with different angles to swing and block but it looks really clunky. I’m still interested though.


Metal Gear Survive
Release Date: February 20th
Platform(s): PS4 / XBO / PC
I had really low expectations on this game. It has all the writing of a cash grab using the Metal Gear name on it. They have an insanely awesome back-end with the Fox Engine where it seems like you could make any type of action game and it would be good. So they decide to make a coop survival game set in an alternate timeline of the Metal Gear universe. Ok…

Well from the looks of it, the developers are actually putting in work. A fully fleshed out crafting system with base building and material collecting. Melee combat with a bunch of different weapons and a classic bow & arrow have been added. Who cares about the story. Kojima isn’t there anymore. I just stopped looking at it as a Metal Gear game and am taking it for what it is. A fun coop survival game to mess around in, with the Fox Engine.


Sea Of Thieves
Release Date: March 20th
Platform(s): PC / XBO
I was really excited for this game when it first got announced, but recently the hype has died down. I just don’t really understand what you do in the game. Is all the progression cosmetic? It really seems to me that this game will start off strong but then lose its playerbase quickly. It’s coming out relatively soon and we don’t have a lot of info on what will drive players to keep coming back. I want to trust Rare, but lately they just haven’t been delivering.



Yakuza 6
Release Date: March
Platform(s): PS4
The next Yakuza game is finally being released in the West. My only concern is if I should play it having only finished Zero and Kiwami. Also the fact that there is only 1 fighting style instead of at least 3 like in the last games I played.


Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PS4 / XBO / PC
I really hope Bioware and EA can look at the mistakes that were made with Battlefront’s shitty progression and loot crate systems as well as the boring and limited aspects of Destiny 2 and come out with something much much better. If they release a game with anything resembling pay-to-win loot boxes, it will be suicide for Anthem. The games press, be it websites, YouTube, or Twitch streamers, will completely expose these terrible ideas and the backlash will be even worse.



Red Dead Redemption 2
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PS4 / XBO
The next Red Dead Redemption. Not much else to say here.




Days Gone
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PS4
I can’t help but look at this game and see artificial and manufactured intensity. I don’t really know how to explain it. The zombie hordes just look like a bunch of programming tricks to me. It almost reminds me of the Alien AI from Alien: Isolation where it felt like a bunch of random checks on whether or not the Alien would check my room or open the locker I’m in. I’m interested to see how this game turns out but I’m not really on board yet.


State of Decay 2
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): XBO / PC
I liked the previous game and now this one will have online multiplayer. Nice.



God of War
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PS4
I’ve never played a God of War game before. This new take on the series with a close 3rd person camera and new combat style looks interesting. I’m a little worried about having to escort your son around the whole game, but I might be overreacting.


A Way Out
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PS4 / XBO / PC
An interesting coop only story based game with a unique perspective system. Retailing for $30, it seems like a good price for a game you can only play cooperatively.


Metro Exodus
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PS4 / XBO / PC
The next game in the Metro series. Looks like it will be more open this time which could be a good thing. I want to see more.




Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PS4 / XBO / PC / Switch
The latest from Koji Igarashi. A game that was Kickstarted back in 2015. A classic Castlevania style game where you are exploring a castle and picking up items that will let you progress through different parts of the map.


Crackdown 3
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): XBO / PC
What is even going on with this game? Can they deliver on their promise of large-scale destruction? This game seems to be perpetually delayed and quickly fading into obscurity.

Crackdown 3 Horizontal


Soul Calibur 6
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PS4 / XBO / PC
The latest Soul Calibur game. I enjoyed playing 5 and am looking forward to this one.


The Last of Us 2
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PS4
Not much is known about The Last of Us 2 yet, but if the last game is anything to go by, we know it will be damn good.



Mechwarrior 5
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PC
The latest numbered Mechwarrior in almost two decades. If you like slow paced strategic mech combat, this is for you.

PCG309.pre_mech.g10_large ab47f30bcc43415eaeb748a0dd3e8e1c



Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PC
A top down, turn based game set in the Battletech universe. Looks alright, but may be too slow to my liking. I would rather pilot the mech instead of doing the whole turn based strategy thing.




Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PC / PS4 / XBO
An open world 3rd person action game set in a post apocalyptic world. You play as a mutated feline that can wield swords and guns and what the hell am I even saying right now. It looks fun alright?


Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PS4 / XBO
I’m curious to see if they actually improve the feel of the combat and if each fighter has a somewhat (because I know it’s difficult) unique moveset instead of every fighter doing techniques they aren’t capable of doing or have never shown before.



ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): Switch / PS4 / XBO / PC
I remember playing ToeJam & Earl on the Genesis and having fun with it. They Kickstarted another one.



Kirby’s Star Allies
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): Switch
A AAA Kirby game on the Switch. Looks great.





Dark Souls Remaster
Release Date: May 25th
Platform(s): PC / XBO / PS4 / Switch
Are you kidding me? One of my favorite games of all time is getting a remaster with cleaned up graphics and native 60fps. I’ve been wanting this for a long time. Do remasters count towards Game of the Year?




Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): Switch
Always heard this was an amazing 2D platformer that I missed on the Wii U.




Hyrule Warriors
Release Date: Spring
Platform(s): Switch
Really liked the work they put into making a complete package of a Dynasty Warriors game in the Zelda universe. I might pick this up again on Switch.