It’s Been A While…

It’s been around 2 months since I’ve last written anything on my site.

Been busy dealing with ISP issues, reorganizing my desk area, a PUBG addiction (as you can tell with my latest 5-6 videos), buying a new headset/amp, being sick, and various other real life things.



Speaking of ISP issues, 30 minutes or so into streaming anything and my upload would go from the 30mbps I’m paying for, to around 500kbps. Completely worthless speeds at that point. I was almost certain my ISP was throttling me. I could recreate the issue pretty much anytime. Of course, calling support would only lead to them saying it isn’t happening at this exact moment and that the problem is on my side. They insisted time and again that it was my router or possibly my neighbors getting on my wi-fi using all of my upload. WHAT?!

Come on now. None of my old ass neighbors are cracking my wi-fi password and then uploading a bunch of shit off my network. I totally get that 90% of their customers are people that don’t know a thing about networking and they have to go through their troubleshooting checklist, but it’s frustrating being treated like an idiot. After years of intermittent issues, I’ve finally decided to switch providers and go with a gigabit line.

woops, wrong cables.

A couple of days ago the technician came over and wired everything up, did a speed test and I was only getting a 10th of what I was supposed to, 95/95 instead of 900/800. Turns out I’m an idiot and I’m using some old ass Cat5 cables that can’t transmit over 100mbps. Fortunately this wasn’t the issue with my other ISP as I was only paying for 95/30. So I have some new Cat6 cables coming today and I hopefully should be able to stream again this Friday/Weekend.



Speaking of streaming, I bought a new computer case and wanted to stream my friend Keith and I transferring my old parts to it because, well why not? But then I realized that my streaming PC is the thing that I’m transferring and I can’t stream from it while moving it, obviously. Although I could use the Mixer beta app and stream from my phone which would probably look terrible, but I still might do it.

I’ve wanted to move my case from behind my monitors for a long time now. I neglected cleaning it because of how much of a pain in the ass it was to get to it and disassemble. So I bought the NZXT S340 Elite (white) because it’s smaller, which means I can put it alongside my monitors instead of behind, and aesthetically pleasing to look at with a nice tempered glass side displaying all the parts. We’ll see how it turns out soon.

NZXT S340 Elite (not mine)



I also wanted to finally use my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS60 camera as a video feed on my stream so I bought a micro-HDMI cable to throw into my capture card so it can output video to my pc. Turns out the DMC-ZS60 doesn’t output a live feed of video to anything. Only when playing back videos and looking through pictures does it use the HDMI output. Well, that really sucks. I wish I knew that when I bought it. Apparently I can output a live feed to my phone which can then functions as a remote. I tried using an android emulator on my pc to get the feed through the app but you need wi-fi on your pc (which I don’t have) in order for it to communicate with the camera. I can’t catch a break.




Last month while I was streaming, my Logitech G35 headset just died completely on me. The wire near the earphone was hanging out of the shielding from wear and tear I guess and it finally just flat out shorted. They were like 5-6 years old anyway. I would have just bought another Logitech G35 but they don’t actually make them anymore and the updated version didn’t actually look that good in terms of sound quality and comfort. So I decided to try out just getting a nice pair of headphones since I’m using a Blue Yeti microphone for my voice.

I tried out the Hyper X Cloud Revolver S, the Sennheiser HD598 closed back version, the Sennheiser HD650, and the AKG K712 PRO. One thing I didn’t know I needed was that some of these headphones require an amp so that they are given enough power for maximum performance. So I tried 3 different amps/dacs as well. Without getting too technical, I’ll quickly go over each headphone and what I thought about them.


The Cloud Revolver S (~$150) came with it’s own external amp that I somehow crashed when switching between the integrated 7.1 surround feature and normal stereo sound. Besides that, there was a constant static/white noise that emitted from the headphones that was driving me absolutely crazy. It was even there when I plugged it into a different amp. So, although quite comfortable, the Revolver S was returned without a second thought.



The HD598 (~$125) closed back version was extremely comfortable and produced great sound quality. The padding on the earphones felt amazing. Though for some reason wearing them made me feel a bit dizzy and uncomfortable. I can’t really explain why but for that reason alone I had to return them. I know someone else that has these headphones and loves them so if you get a chance, definitely try them. It just didn’t work out for me.


The HD650 (~$315) Wow. I immediately noticed a more pronounced bass sound which goes well with the music I tend to listen to (EDM). They were the most comfortable to wear out of all the headsets I tried. These are the first open back headphones I’ve ever worn. Open back is supposed to increase sound quality because the sound can escape the earphone instead of bouncing back and forth between your head and the back of a closed earphone, therefore creating a slight reverb. I could be talking out of my ass right now but I believe that’s the case. The only problem with open back headphones is that you can very clearly hear everything around you. There is very little noise canceling. This causes issues when I have my air conditioner on and I’m trying to listen for footsteps and gunshots, but it’s a small price to pay for the sound quality and comfort. If you couldn’t tell already, these are the ones I chose.


The AKG K712 PROs (~$350) were really amazing too. They had a more airy sound to them. I don’t know how else to really explain it. The soundstage is supposed to be much larger than the HD650 and you can tell there is a slight difference in sound when comparing them back to back. They were a tiny bit less comfortable to me than the HD650. They were much more loose on my head and I had to periodically readjust them which was a little annoying. It was a very close decision between these and the HD650’s but I went with what was more comfortable.

In the end, it really does come down to preference. Everyone is going to hear things slightly differently and so I suggest you try out a few headphones and see which ones are the most comfortable for you while providing a great sound experience. If you are going to be on a computer for 8+ hours a day, you need something that isn’t going to get irritating. Just know that if you’re getting either the HD650 or AKG K712 PRO, you’ll need an amp to get the best quality out of them.



This post is already getting way too long and it’s 3AM right now so I’m going to cut it short and expand on games in another post, but very quickly:

I’ve been playing a ton of PUBG lately and am interested in a bunch of stuff coming out relatively soon. Hopefully I can get the stream working by then and possibly get a decent schedule going.

I want to write a bit more often too, but for some reason I tend to come up with stuff to write about right before I fall asleep. And then I never get to it. I need to find a solution to that.

Anyways, if you actually read all of this, I would be very surprised. I’ll catch you soon.