E3 Recap – EA

In an overall very underwhelming conference, EA announced some new games/details.

Battlefield V

EA revealed an official multiplayer trailer and announced that they are working on a battle royal mode (post launch). Yup, within the first few minutes of the first E3 press conference a battle royal mode was announced.

Honestly surprised they didn’t show more of this game off. They seem to have left that to other YouTube influencers…


NBA Live 19
Madden 19

Click the above games for trailers.

Respawn’s Star Wars Game

In a very awkward interview with Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella in the audience, the title of their new Star Wars game was revealed. Jedi: Fallen Order.

Some details are that it will take place between episodes III and IV, during the dark times, and that you will play as a jedi. Wow, amazing. Releasing sometime holiday 2019.


Unravel 2

A sequel to the yarn creature platform game. This time coop (local only). Oh and it’s released right now. There’s your first “and it’s available NOW” of this E3.

Battlefront II Additions

New maps, modes, and heroes that center around the Clone Wars. General Grievous, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Count Dooku.

Great for those that are still enjoying that game. It’s too bad it had that terrible launch.

Command & Conquer IS BACK!

As a god damn mobile game. This really feels like a spit in the face to the fans of C&C. It looks like a serviceable mobile RTS game, but it really feels like they just slapped the C&C name on it. The presentation also included an absolutely awful shoutcast that presented the game as a competitive multiplayer title.

C&C used to be ahead of it’s time with games like Renegade and Red Alert. Now, it’s this:

Sea Of Solitude

An EA original adventure game that follows a young woman who is suffering from loneliness and who transforms into a monster. Looks interesting.

They said they were happy with the sales of A Way Out and will be focusing on more EA original games.

EA Cloud Streaming Service

No real details on this yet but sounds like they want a multi-device service that lets you play streamed games. I feel like we’ve been through this before.

Origin Access Premiere

A premium subscription program ($15/month, $100/year) that gives you access to a large library of games from EA and other publishers.


Oh boy… where do I start?

First of all, they really need to stop STARTING their presentations with a panel of developers being interviewed. They did this with Battlefield V and now this game.

Listen, I LOVE hearing what developers think about what they’re working on in an unscripted manner, and I welcome more of it, but NOT as the FIRST thing you present to your audience. I do not like having to piece together hints and find small details hidden throughout their back and forth dialogue with the interviewer. Present new information and details in the form of a trailer first, then have them expand upon it and tell us why they are excited about it. It’s frustrating otherwise.


“Something is out there… It wants to destroy us all”. Really? I feel like this is the most generic trope you could choose for a new sci-fi game. Straight from the cinematic trailer. It left me wondering: Who am I? What is the enemy? and Why am I fighting it? This game has no identity, yet.

My problem with what they’ve shown so far is that it just looks very uninspired. It looks like they used Destiny in every which way they could as an outline for what they wanted with this game. Four classes, each with different abilities. One that looks almost exactly like the warlock class from Destiny, even sporting a cape. Damage numbers popping up everywhere. Player unique loot drops.

They’ve said the storytelling is what is going to stand out for this game but they have yet to show it off. The panel consisted of the developers talking about previously known features over looping 5 second video and concept art. It was very disappointing.


Game Informer has a cover story of the game with some more details. Here’s a few important ones:

-large seamless shared open world with singleplayer only bases/hubs to advance story

-games as a service model

-no pvp

-no lootboxes, just cosmetic only microtransactions.

-no offline play

-can play solo with no AI partners

-no romance options

-no snow/desert area

-no underwater fights

-no loot sharing/trading

-some environmental destruction


The release date was revealed to be February 22nd 2019, but going by what they’ve shown so far and the negative reaction to it, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another delay.

Here’s some gameplay:

Here’s hoping that Microsoft and Bethesda can do better tomorrow.

Grade: D

Disappointing and dull.