E3 Recap – Bethesda

Wow. Another big conference with tons of content and surprises.

Rage 2

-Andrew WK performance
-extended gameplay look
-if you see it you can drive it

The Elder Scrolls Legends: Card Game

-relaunching with overhauled visuals
-console versions later this year (ps4,xbo,switch)

The Elder Scrolls Online

-werewolf dlc
-Black Marsh dlc

DOOM Eternal

-more at Quakecon
-twice as many demons
-hell on earth
-more powerful doom slayer

Quake Champions

-free for a week

Prey DLC

-free update tonight
-Story mode, suvival mode, new game+
-Mooncrash dlc
-Typhon Hunter multiplayer dlc like prop hunt. Releasing later this year.

Wolfenstein Youngblood

-coop experience
-play as BJ’s twin daughters
-Wolfenstein VR game

Skyrim: Very Special Edition

-It’s good to see Bethesda has a sense of humor

Fallout 76

-4 times the size of Fallout 4
-new enemies
-entirely online
-can play completely solo
-will experience a full story & quests
-can build anywhere
-open world survival, every person is a real person
-death doesn’t mean loss of character or progression
-server with dozens, not hundreds
-no server list
-all progression goes with you
-photo mode
-nuclear armaments. accumulate key codes to launch a nuke on the map
-100% dedicated servers
-Beta test
-collectors edition: glow in the dark map, figures, power armor helmet
-November 14 2018

The Elder Scrolls Blades

-massive first person rpg for mobile
-free to play later this year
-connecting mobile, pc, vr, console versions

Starfield announced

The Elder Scrolls VI announced

Announced a lot of games and content I wasn’t expecting. I really didn’t think they would announce a new Elder Scrolls after showing off Fallout 76 and Starfield. They really threw it all out there this year.

There’s still many questions left unanswered about how Fallout 76 is going to work with online multiplayer and base building. Only time will tell.

Grade: A