Drew Leaving Giant Bomb

It’s weird how attached you can become to some random person over the internet, yet when I heard the news that Drew was leaving Giant Bomb, my heart just sank.

Hearing Jason having a hard time coming to the realization that his coworker and long time Giant Bomb employee was 2 weeks out from departing put a tear to my eye.


Drew’s been such an important part of the Giant Bomb crew over the past 8 years that it’s going to be hard getting used to him not being there. He added a much needed different perspective to video games and life in general. Traveling around the world to China, North & South Korea, and Japan while providing us stories, pictures, and video is something I’ll never forget. He really brought a unique taste to Giant Bomb with live content and quick looks of mobile games, flight simulators, and obscure Russian games. And of course bringing an extensive knowledge of the Halo universe when needed.

Seeing Drew go from an intern to a top notch video producer has been inspirational. He’s come so far and continues to grow his skills not just in video production but in other activities such as getting a pilot’s license. Recently he’s had a more prominent role at Giant Bomb, showing up more often on live streams, quick looks, and podcasts. He will be sorely missed.



Giant Bomb has been such a huge part of my day to day life that all the people involved really do mean a lot to me. They help me cope with bad times by providing entertaining yet informative content almost every day. Something I hope I can provide to others someday too.

Thanks for all the good times Drew. You have and will continue to be an inspiration to me and many others.

Also, what a coincidence that Drew leaving would coincide with a gif of him gaining massive meme popularity on the internet. Well done Scanlon.